Synthetic Fatliquor GINSOL GLH

  • Leather Fatliquor

Fatliquor for all types of leathers.

Product Characters
  • The electrolyte stability & the emulsifying power are excellent. It can stabilize the unstable fatliquoring mixtures and stimulate thorough fatliquoring,especially for wetting back hard natured leathers(ex. pigskins and goat skins).
  • It can render leather with soft, mild, elastic handle,outstanding dyeing and leveling property. Suede can get the effect of good light fastness and luster without producing a greasy surface.
  • Applied for pickling, tanning, retanning and all types of fatliquor mixture. It also can be used alone for suede.
Product Purpose

Composition:Sulfoester derivatives and high molecular alphatic hydrocarbons.
Appearance:White liquid.
Active substance:48-52%.
PH:6.0-8.0 (10% aqueous solution).
Electrolyte resist:Excellent resistance in the normal works concentration.
Indication of use:Can be added undiluted or diluted with 3~4 times amount of water and added into the floats.
Shelf life:One year (in unopened drum resp. containers under normal storage conditions).
Packing:150KGS / plastic drum.
Storage:Keep in cool and dry place at 10~35°C.Avoid frozen and stir before using.
Note:GINSOL GLH is a batch formproduction and as such it is subject to small variation in color and consistency. This however has no influence on thetechnical property of the leather.
Safety:For safety information, pleaserefer to SDS.

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