Retanning Pull-up Oil / Wax Fatliquor GINSOL 930

  • Retanning Pull-up Oil / Wax Fatliquor
An emulsified wax agent and can be applied for light pull-up waxy effect.
Product Characters
  • Well-filling oily wax.
  • Can give ligh pull-up effect on soe upper and furniture leather.
  • The usage amount depends on required level and type of leather.
Product Purpose​

Composition:Emulsified wax.
Appearance:Yellow brownwax.
Activesubstance:Over 100%.
PH:5.0-70(10%aqueous solution).
Light-fastness:Good resistancein the normal works concentration.
Indicationof use:Good.
Property:Preheating intoliquid before using and emulsifying by the ratio 1:3 with hot water at 60℃.
Packing:One year (inunopened resp. containers under normal storage conditions).
Storage:130KGS / plasticdrum.
Note:Keep in cool anddry place at 10〜35℃ Before use orsampling, warm up and stir well.
Safety:For safetyinformation, please refer to SDS.

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