Lanolin Fatliquor GINSOL SSW

  • GINSOL SSW, Lanolin Based Fatliquor
Using for producing semi-stuffed casual and work shoe leathers.
Product Characters
  • Suitable for treatment of textile materials, leathers, fur skins or other materials.
  • Applied for semi-stuffed boots and shoes leathers.
  • It imparts considerable surface feel and pull-up effect.
Product Purpose​

Composition:Wax and oil mixtures.
Appearance:Brown paste.
PH:3.0-5.0(10%aqueous solution).
Electrolyteresist:Goodresistance in the normal works concentration.
Indicationof use:Toemulsify with 4-5 times amount of hot water at 60℃and slowlyadding into the floats.
Shelflife:6-12months (in unopened drum resp containers under normal storage conditions).
Packing:140KGS / plasticdrum.
Storage:Keep in cool anddry place at 10〜35℃ Avoid frozen andstir before using.
Note:GINSOL SSW is abatch form production and as such it is subject to small variation in color andconsistency. This however has no influence on the technical property of theleather.
Safety:For safety information,please refer to SDS.

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